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Brief Review

Our wide practice

Attorneys of our Bar have wide practice and are able to represent, support and protect your rights and legal interests practically in any area of law.

However one of the areas in which we have proved to be one of the most strongest teams is criminal law.

Criminal Lawyers

Our board of criminal lawyers is an association of attorneys who represent individuals who have been accused of committing criminal offenses in the Russian Federation. The purpose of this site is to provide a source of qualified and useful information for members of the public who are looking for juridical help.

Our criminal lawyers practice in Moscow and are able to go to any other location within boarders of Russia or even abroad.

Practice areas

In the course of defending a broad range of serious criminal cases over the past eleven years, the Bar has developed particular expertise with complex cases in the following areas:

Administrative Law
Antitrust and Trade Regulation
Banking and Finance Law
Business and Commercial Law
Civil Rights
Constitutional Law
Consumer Protection
Criminal Law
Employment Law
Family Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Labor Law
Litigation and Appeals
Personal Injury
Professional Malpractice Law
Real Estate Law
Securities Law
Sexual Harassment
State, Local and Municipal Law

Contact phone. +7 495 763-5037
Contact person - Attorney at law, PhD Imenitov Evgeni

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Avocat, c’est notre métier et notre vocation.

Cabinet d'avocats JurInterConsulting - 10A, 2-m Siromiatnicheski, Moscou, La Russie - Tel : +7 985 763-5037 email : vip-advocat@yandex.ru - Mentions légales. Votre avocat pour vous conseiller et vous défendre en Russie, à Moscou.

Vous êtes impliqué dans une affaire pénale, vous avez été victime d'une infraction pénale, vous êtes convoqué devant un Juge d'instruction ou cité devant un Tribunal... Contactez nous en urgence, nous allons vous aider.


Personal information

Attorney at law, PhD Evgeni Imenitov is a graduate of Financial academy under the Government of the Russian Federation (Release of 2001, the honors degree), since 1997 trained and worked in the Russian credit and financial organizations (Open Society "Bank Rossiski Credit", Open Society "IMPEXBANK", etc.). E. Imenitov 's bank practice has been connected with practical servicing on all spectrum of settlement, financial and credit services, including work with problem debts; system engineering of information of processes of the bank activity, new bank products and services. Till November, 15th, 2004 (during 3 years) Imenitov Evgeni had carried out training in internal postgraduate study of chair "Banking" of Financial academy and in March 2005 successfully passed competition for a scientific degree (PhD in economics). From September, 2005 till February, 2009 - the listener of the Russian academy of justice under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, faculty of professional training for judicial system (honors degree). Starting July, 2009 - the lawyer of Lawyer chamber of Moscow, registration number 77/9605 in the register of lawyers of Moscow. In lawyers bureau "JurInterKonsalting" Imenitov Evgeni works since July, 2003, providing financial and economic support of affairs which are conducted by Board partners, with partners КА of "JurInterKonsalting" cooperates since 1998.

Evgeni  Imenitov


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